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Alix & Valerie



My award nominated lesbian romance novel, decease Alix & Valerie, is available from bookstores everywhere.  Order it now! 



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Alix & Valerie


“This really delightfully written, insightful novel, available in both paperback and e-book format, would probably be on the ‘summer romance read’ shelves of major chain bookstores were it not about two characters who just happen to be lesbian…” —Rainbow Reviews


Alix Morris has spent the past seven years of her life nurturing an unrequited love for her soon-to-be-married best friend. The pain from this silent longing has settled within her like a faithful companion and she’s loathe to let it go. Two nights before the wedding, she agrees to an impromptu outing to a hip night club with a friend. There she meets wise-cracking Valerie Skye who unloosens some of those painful ties. But Valerie has some secrets of her own to overcome. Can Alix and Valerie untangle their pasts and hope the fate that brought them together isn’t fickle?

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“Alix & Valerie is a wonderful novel about falling in love that should be in every queer girl’s bookcase. Maybe even in everyone’s bookcase.” —eurOut